Mandy C was hardly supported the election of miss France 2016, which took place last December.
No more by the urban community of La Rochelle as the departmental Council of Charente-Maritime or Charentes Region. Yet miss Poitou wore a dress designed by Rochelle stylist Mandy C for its passage in 'regional dress' to TF1 cameras. It notably sported a small cap with a mini Hermione. This would have earned a little bit of communication. As his presence at the fair and exhibition of La Rochelle 2015, where she was guest of honour. But it was not nothing.
Fashion and fashion show

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Too bad for the young entrepreneur, who has created her own line, in his name, in 2011. A direction that was anything but obvious. "I dropped a BEP seam and related to La Rochelle industry while I was entered without any conviction. At the time for me, sewing was an old trick,"now recognized the 27-year-old woman. But the passion has taken her. She started to create these first dresses.

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To deepen his knowledge, Mandy is is "exiled" in Lorraine five years from 2007, to pass a technical patent clothing and couture and stay another two years because "I discovered another passion, fashion shows, confess t - it. '' I model «small size» (it measures 1.65 m). I asked with dresses to me during the parades. "Her mannequins girlfriends ask him to scroll with in turn, in France and abroad. The first orders arrive.

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That's tailor-made
Back in Charente-Maritime, it must rebuild a new network. She joined the association Rochelle fashion, models and company with which she organized six shows per year. There also the first orders arrive. "All my creations are unique. I only creates clothes for woman and child scheduled and customized. The dresses that I realize shows are not sold then, she warns. Because they are not made to measure. This is why for an evening for example dress, it takes between 500 and 800 euros. » Wedding gowns, ready-to-wear clothing, evening dress, Mandy C tackles at all. And maybe soon for clothing for baby. Who knows? In any case, Mandy C expected a happy event that might induce it.


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